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Hello to you My name is Gabriela and today's topic is with the goal of learning how to lose weight, reach your ideal weight without making much effort, such as extreme physical exercise or diets that reduce the portions of food to minimum scales that you They make you go hungry.

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But do not worry I did all that and it was difficult for me to maintain that model of life, for this reason I developed my own "norms" that have been like a mantra for me and which I have respected to the letter; Thanks to them I have a figure and an ideal weight . You can go from my story and continue my " 10 rules to lose weight in 4 months 20 kilos ."

It is important to mention that this page will not offer the sale of any product to lose weight , any type of diet pills or anything like that. The goal is for you to set these goals so that you feel good about yourself. All I can say is that, my rules are real and they are easy to adapt to them.

I'll introduce myself first. As I said before, my name is Gabriela, and I'm 28 years old. I am mother of two small 2 and 4 years old, my occupation consists of being in the computer, carrying as some would say a sedentary life.

The good thing of all was to lose the almost 18 kilos of weight that I had left over . It is not my first time trying to try diets, there were moments when I worked, losing weight in a rewarding and fast. But in the moments when I was supposed to be stable, all my effort was reversed becoming a vacuum cleaner, recovering all that I had lost and climbing something more.

The idea has always been to reach an ideal weight in a healthy and permanent, without destroying my health.
After that, I learned that I should be placed in a balanced treatment, without eliminating everything I like. Well I tell you something ... I'm fascinated by the sweet, more than all the chocolate, it was quite disheartening to carry out diets where I was prohibited from eating those treats, I could take a few weeks or even a month, but continue with that all the time? It was punishing! I felt restricted.

People also ask :


1 Because it did not help me to do some diets to lose weight
2 How to lose weight, and what should I keep in mind to start?
2.1 Just keep in mind two things:
3. The sacred rules or commandments to lose weight
3.1- The rule of supervision of the calories to be consumed
3.2- Keep the food you eat
3.3- Avoid going to the supermarket without having eaten
3.4- Read the nutrition charts
3.5- Beware of diets with high monetary costs
3.6- Foods that are essential in our goal
3.7- Make exercise a little habit
3.8- Enjoy what you eat
3.9- The power that fiber has in us
3.10- Stay without eating anything in 12 h
4 Conclusions on how to lose weight
5 Recommended Diets:
6 Video about the different diets for weight loss and fast weight loss in year

Because it did not help me to make some diets to lose weight

Lose weight without dietsImplement several diets to lose weight over the years, most of all when I finished the gestation of my little ones when I went exponentially weight .

I always hoped to reach an ideal weight , there were times when I could do it because the process prohibited me from eating things that had calories or carbohydrates needed, but what happened?

It was a total failure because, as I mentioned earlier, I turned into a fat sucker and ended up climbing again.

I can not deny that in the process I have lost enough, but it was not healthy, too many restrictions and at the end of the established time of the diet everything returned again. And well the ideas of some professionals failed.

How to lose weight, and what should I keep in mind to start?

Just keep in mind two things:

Do not look for easy ways, do not use diet pills that are supposed to be miraculous.

It is complex to follow habits that restrict you from things all the time. As humans we always want to fulfill one that other desires
From the beginning I think so, and I have achieved it with ten rules, and we can not leave aside the patience to carry it out. In this way I managed to lose almost 7 kilos in the first 25 days , and in the process I lost the rest.

The rules that I propose to always keep in mind put them on a sheet and stick them everywhere in my house, bathroom, kitchen, office, in short many parts. Watching them all day and it is easy for me to comply with the rules, and thanks to that I have reached my ideal weight .

The sacred rules or commandments to lose weight

You can download it in PDF with no problem whatsoever to write it down or print it. I suggest you do the same as I did, like sticking it in almost every place of the house, following them every day in you begin to see an advance, but with patience.

1.- The rule of supervision of the calories to be consumed

Usually all people inadvertently ingest and at the same time eliminate the fat consumed.

Calories to consumeTo explain yourself better, get an idea that one kilo of fat equals 3500 calories; If we do a weekly math account and decrease food dishes that consume at least 400 600 calories as a week we will have decreased the amount of 4200 calories less and we will eliminate fat without problem.

Some will wonder how to achieve this rule? Then implement the following, read the packaging of the products you consume, is easy and simple.

For example if you search the internet, you can find all the necessary information about the calories that vegetables, meat and others have that we eat daily.

By implementing the check labels of canned products or other products, we realize that we can consume and not.

2.- Keep the food you eat

There are diets to lose weight that limit you in what you can eat and that not, it is true that we have to try not to consume exaggerated foods in calories, but do not eliminate the clusters of food, because we would be making a mistake; Since the idea is to maintain a balanced habit that does not affect in any aspect the health of our body, avoiding those diets that eliminate the important portions that in the long term we reverse the effort made.

3.- Avoid going to the supermarket without having eaten

You will ask yourself the reason for this rule, but its explanation is simple. When we are hungry we tend to buy the ones our body craves or wants and we are making the mistake of putting in our basket things that could damage our progress to reach the ideal weight .

In addition, we all know that when we are at home and give us the desire to eat something rich and kill the craving, we go to the refrigerator, watching if we have something delicious to eat, but when we do not find them we give up and eat something healthy that after all End up killing our anxiety.

4.- Read the nutrition charts

When going to supermarkets it is important to check the labels of the products that we are going to buy, in such a way that we realize that there are variety of articles that we considered were good for our health and consumption, when in fact it was the other way around.

So just review and as you do it will become a routine that will not break and will be simple for you.

5.- Beware of diets with high monetary cost

Expensive dietsIt is normal that when going to certain sectors of the market where diet articles are found, we find that they are exorbitant prices that some of us are not accessible, but for people who keep a bag of money rather large.

But this does not mean that you can not reach your ideal weight by not consuming that, on the contrary maintaining a control of the portions of food and how important it is to consume healthy foods like vegetables, vegetables, and they will be surprised even in the flesh we can Find what we need. So forget about diet products, they are just a business.

6.- Foods that are essential in our goal

Essential food slimmingThere are several aspects that we must take into account in our process. There are foods that we can ingest without any problem and are the ones that we must avoid at all times.

Meats: It is important to say that in my diet what I usually consume are turkey and chicken because they are a pretty healthy source of protein. It is true that we can consume red meats, but these have very high fat levels but that does not mean that you do not eat them, on the contrary ingiƩralas only take an equivalence in what you consume.

Products with flour: because in this case we have bread, many of us love this food, but sometimes it is not very healthy since it has calories that do not suit us. From time to time we can consume it, but it is advisable to reduce it from the diet, preferably ingest the integral. I know that for some it will be a great effort but for others it will be something simple.

The dressings: those who do not love those sauces that complement or are always in our meals, are divine. But they are a total source of fat, it is impressive how many calories we can find in these deities, but it is so. My point is not to remove it from your meals, instead it is advisable to decrease its use, only from time to time. I use them, but in minimal amounts and they are few times that are in my table or the implemento to give the touch to the meals that realize. It will not be simple but keep up the effort.

How to lose weight with foods that accelerate metabolism: Most of us are fat is our metabolism is slow, and that allows the fats consumed to increase our weight , and is a bit daunting. But there are healthy foods that allow us to counteract this aspect such as nuts, apple, ginger, artichokes, oat bran and others. There is variety, but they are foods that we can find in any supermarket and they are at an affordable price for our pockets, so do not worry. Note that they can make divine biscuits with oat bran, it will be perfect for you.

With the mentioned will be a variety of foods that will consume without problem some, only balanced portions and will have the perfect dishes for you.

7.- Make the exercise a small habit

Exercise without going to the gymMany do not like going to the gym or we do not have time for it. But we can do something simple where in the activities that we consider simple we find in exercise necessary to reach the ideal weight and shape our body.

Avoid using the car in short or simple routes, in which you can walk. Thus we put our body in activity while we are on the way to where we want to go. But if it is of urgency what you are going to realize you can go without problems in car.
Use the stairs. Avoid elevators and climb without problems, burn fat and strengthen or tonify those legs.
Before going to the shower, he performs an intense physical exercise such as sit-ups, squats, arm weights, and many more; Just a workout that makes you sweat enough to burn that fat and mold the body.

Take in the week two or three days for a quick walk or a jog. At the end of the prize, he eats something junk, so to speak, like hotdogs, fried things, etc. Since after putting our body to an intense activity because ingesting something high in fat will not affect us at all. But only do it when you trot, because if you do not and you take things like that, then you have to implement these ten rules that I am asking you.

8.- Enjoy what you eat

To lose weightWe as people sometimes have as a bad habit to eat quickly without even chewing well what we ingest. To do this is wrong behavior, since our stomach receives everything and takes time to disintegrate all that consumed.

Also, it is important to emphasize that you do not fill the plate with so much food, avoid filling your eyes and that at lunchtime you leave half because it would be wasted. Just chew and enjoy the taste of food.

9.- The power that fiber has in us

Fiber to lose weightFiber is an element that will make things 100% easier. When consuming it our body disintegrates things of our body, bone practically cleaned internally, could go to the bathroom without problems and was beginning to notice improvements in me.

It is an aspect that helps us burn fat much faster and the metabolism accelerated in every way, which made things easier.

This secret ingredient that helps us lose weight can find it in cereals, vegetables, grains, fruits, you'll see practically everywhere, the good thing about this is that your body will become healthy with all this.

10.- Stay without eating anything in 12 h

without eatingThis is probably more intense than we think, since it is practically two meals a day that we consume and the intermediate anxiety in those hours without ingesting anything is more complex.

Well, I usually take breakfast like nine or ten in the morning and dine at almost the same time, always stuff full of vitamins, proteins, fiber among other things, but at the same time low in calories.

I know it is difficult because I will not say it was simple, in those twelve hours I spent my time in doing my daily activities and ingesting a lot of fiber, such as fruits , yogurts, juices, water; Bone kills the anxieties with nutritious and healthy things for me.

Just try it, at first it will be difficult for you, but if you have things that will help you like what I mention with fiber, you will have no problem in maintaining that abstinence. In addition you will slowly decrease calories and increase foods rich in vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and many more.

Conclusions on How to Lose Weight :

It is possible that my rules are not the best, but for me it has been easy to continue and I work perfectly, it is thanks to this that I manage to lose weight and reach my ideal weight .

I just kept hoping, because then Lose weight without dietsOf so many diets it is possible that many give up in the race, but in reality we must always have the optimism to achieve what we want and from each fall we must rise. I did, plan something for me and achieve what I wanted.

Also, the important thing is to see that this effort is not an obligation because we would give up faster than we think, just take it as part of their lives, they will realize that little by little it will be a habit that they will not let, but that you Help in what they want most; As it is to look beautiful in front of the mirror and see that our clothing is at par with our figure and physical appearance.

That they have determination in what they want, so they can fulfill it to perfection, do not see just one more diet . No, it's just a goal to achieve.

The purpose of this page is to find the information needed to improve your health, you can see many ways and tips on how to lose weight.

Last thing I wanted to limit, in the end you can find a way to comment on their doubts or insecurities, they will be answered by resolving and their quotations will be accepted.

I am here to help, so thanks to all the readers who look at my articles, it is a pleasure to contribute.

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