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Probably you are pregnant if you read this. Congratulations!

A pregnancy is the miracle of mother nature. In your belly a fertilized egg grows into a complete human being. Cherish your body during this period, because pregnancy is a top performance. A beautiful, but exciting period breaks up. Your body can use any backing in the back. You want to take extra care of yourself and your baby now. The need for vitamins and minerals has increased during this period. So live and eat as healthy as possible. Besides, you do not have to eat for two, but actually twice as well. A multivitamin supplemented with pregnant women may be a welcome supplement to the diet.

Best Pregnancy Pills

Healthy eating during pregnancy

What you will not notice is that your body has an increased need for vitamins and minerals during pregnancy. You must eat very well to meet that need. That is not always possible for anyone who is pregnant. Certainly not if you are sick or tired. In short: healthy eating can take place during pregnancy.

Then it is a reassuring idea that Davitamon Complete Mama, in addition to diet, helps to get additional vitamins and minerals during pregnancy. You can also choose to use Davitamon Complete Mama Omega-3 Fish Oil . This smart 2-in-1 combination, in addition to vitamins and minerals, adds additionally the omega-3 fatty acid DHA. DHA contributes to the development of the brain and sight of the baby during pregnancy. The beneficial effect is obtained on a daily intake of 200 mg DHA in addition to the recommended daily intake for 250 mg DHA and EPA omega-3.

However, there are a few things to watch out for. Raw meat and raw fish, certain cheeses and some beverages you can not eat or drink better now.

Which vitamins are needed during pregnancy?

Like any other woman, you need vitamins and minerals if you are pregnant. But your body has extra need for folic acid and vitamin D during pregnancy. Wondering what these and other vitamins do for you? We put the most important in a row:

• Folic acid (Vitamin B 11 ) contributes to the formation of the placenta and growth of your baby. Therefore, the Health Council advises to swallow 400 micrograms of folic acid daily to the tenth week of your pregnancy in addition to food. Davitamon Complete Mama is compiled according to this directive.

 • Vitamin D & pregnancy: If you are pregnant, it is advisable to swallow 10 micrograms of vitamin D daily every day. Vitamin D helps in cell division and helps maintain strong bones.

 • Beta carotene is converted into vitamin A. Vitamin A in the body

is good for resistance and is important for the sight and maintenance of healthy skin and good iron content in the blood. The body is so clever that it only turnover it needs. If you want to use something extra, choose a supplement with beta carotene during pregnancy. 

• Of course, you want to enter the delivery as best as possible. If you sleep less well during pregnancy, you may be more tired than normal. 

Folic acid (Vitamin B 11 ), Vitamin B 2 , B 3 , B 5 , B 6 , B 12 and Vitamin C help reduce fatigue. Like iron and magnesium.

• Some vitamins and minerals can help the immune system. Vitamin C is already known. But folic acid, Vitamin B 6 , B 12 , D and minerals iron, copper and zinc support your resistance.

To get enough vitamins and minerals you do not have to eat for two. But healthy and varied food is important. Does this not happen because, for example, you are often nauseous or do you doubt whether you get enough vitamins and minerals? Then choose a multivitamin especially for pregnant women for just that little extra.

Role of calcium during pregnancy

During pregnancy it is important to get enough calcium in it. It is important for maintaining strong bones . In addition, it is important for the proper functioning of the muscles and is involved in blood clotting and cell growth. During pregnancy, you need more calcium, but the body is adapting to more nutrition and less separation. Therefore, the recommended daily amount is not increased. Keep plenty of food products that contain calcium, such as dairy.

Vitamin D helps to absorb calcium well from food. Follow the advice of the Health Council and take a supplement with 10 micrograms of vitamin D daily during pregnancy.

Fish oil & pregnancy?

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Fish is not only tasty but also healthy. It includes omega-3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA) and therefore the Health Council recommends eating fatty fish at least once a week. If you do not like fish or if you do not eat it too much, you can consider taking a supplement with fish oil during pregnancy. Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids such as DHA. DHA is good for the development of the brain and the vision of the baby. For this reason, it is necessary to swallow 200 mg DHA, in addition to the recommended daily amount for omega-3 fatty acids for adults (250 mg EPA and DHA).


Healthy need

It is known that women during pregnancy have a healthy need for information about everything that is pregnant and having babies.


Did you know…

Is your baby dependent on the food you are using during pregnancy?

Do you therefore need 40% more vitamins and 20% more minerals?

you do not have to eat for two, but you should eat twice as well?


Vitamins and minerals during pregnancy

When you are planning pregnancy or are already pregnant, you can live as usual. But pregnancy can be a good reason to look at habits and habits - as well as to take special care and to be good at oneself. This article is about the vitamin and mineral supplements that you may benefit from and which ones should be careful about before and during your pregnancy.

Before pregnancy


Multivitamin Tablet

It is important to eat a common healthy and varied diet both before, during and after pregnancy. The diet may be supplemented with a very common multivitamin / mineral tablet daily. Women who eat coffee, tea, very sugary diet, drink alcohol or smoke especially need this subsidy. A healthy body that is not in deficiency of vitamins and minerals is easier to conceive. The multivitamin supplement can easily be continued during and after pregnancy.


folic acid :

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Folic acid, also called folacin and folic acid, is found in many of our common foods, especially in liver, fruit and green vegetables.

Pregnant is encouraged to take 400 micrograms daily to reduce the risk of spinal cord abdominal pain. The subsidy should be taken already from pregnancy planned and unexpected pregnancies from pregnancy are detected and should continue until the 12th week of pregnancy. At the recommended dose, there is no risk of overdosage, but the effect of folic acid on the spinal cord is insignificant after the 12th week of pregnancy.

The National Board of Health also recommends that women who have previously been pregnant with a child with a spinal cord and women who themselves or whose partner has a spinal cord bridge receives a supplement of 5 mg folic acid daily from pregnancy is even planned for three to four months in pregnancy. This treatment is ordained.

It requires both Vitamin C and Vitamin B for the body to absorb folic acid, so folic acid can advantageously be taken with a regular vitamin pill or juice.


During pregnancy

Iron :

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From the 20th week of pregnancy, the amount of blood in your body increases and dilutes. This means that there may be a decrease in the amount of red blood cells (blood percentage). The red blood cells transport oxygen around the body, and if your blood is low, you will become tired, get headache and get dizzy. Therefore, during your pregnancy, your body needs extra iron supplementation.

You should take iron supplementation from the 10th week of pregnancy, and it should be between 40-50 mg daily. The subsidy should continue for some weeks after the birth depending on how much blood you lose during your childbirth. Iron is also found in cereals, meat, fruit and vegetables.

Vitamin C promotes the absorption of iron, while tea, coffee and lime (milk products) inhibit the absorption. It is therefore recommended that iron is taken between meals with glass of juice as some foodstuffs reduce the absorption of iron. 

Calcium :

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Lime is important in the development of bones and teeth. In addition, lime is important for normal functioning of nerve and muscle cells. You cover your daily need for calcium by drinking or eating, equivalent to half a liter of dairy products. If you do not eat dairy products, you should take a lime supplement. The exact recommended daily intake is 500 mg of lime for pregnant women (the need is greatest in the 3rd trimester). Vitamin D promotes the absorption of lime.

vitamin D :

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Vitamin D is very important for the absorption of vital lime. Vitamin D promotes and regulates the lime content of the body. Vitamin D is fat-soluble and therefore can not be dissolved in water and excreted in the urine. This means that it may be harmful to take too large doses. The recommended daily dose is 5-10 micrograms.

Vitamin D is found in eggs, dairy products and fatty fish. In addition, you form vitamin D in the skin when exposed to sunlight. In pregnancy, a daily supplement of vitamin D of 10 µg is recommended. Women with dark skin or women covered clothing are at risk of developing vitamin D deficiency and are advised to measure their vitamin D status with their own doctor to determine which supplement they need.

Vitamin A

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Vitamin A has, inter alia, an influence on the regulation of the genes and, inter alia, for the development of the various organs by the fetus.

The vitamin A is like vitamin D fat-soluble and therefore can not be dissolved in water and excreted in the urine. This means that it may be harmful to take too large doses of vitamin A.

The recommended daily dose for pregnant women is 1000 micrograms a day and 1200 micrograms for breast-feeding.

Vitamin A is found in large quantities in liver, but also in fish, eggs, fruit and vegetables. You get enough vitamin A in a common Danish diet and because of the risk of overdose you should not take vitamin A supplements or eat large portions of liver.

vegetarians :

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It requires great awareness and insight into dietary composition to ensure a good and comprehensive diet as a pregnant vegetarian. Vegetarian should pay attention to getting calcium, iron, zinc , selenium , vitamin A , B3 and vitamin B12 as well as folic acid.

How to Eat the Right Food Supplements and Word Quickly

Healthy eating and regular exercise: These tips get you to the ears when you ask how to grow more fruitfully. That is also justified; A healthy body is the first step towards quick and healthy pregnancy. But it certainly does not matter.

People are sometimes suspicious of dietary supplements, with the idea that "it can never be better than normal food and drink." But there are no supplements at all; they are just a supplement to your normal diet. Nutritional supplements also help you get pregnant faster!

Dietary supplements; in addition, not as a replacement

The name actually says it; Nutritional supplements add something to your normal eating pattern. They contain vitamins that you normally do not get or little in, to make your body stronger and still get enough of all the ingredients. Therefore, it is not your intention to use dietary supplements to replace normal food.

That's not good for you. Natural vitamins and other substances always work better than pills. For example, you can not stop eating fruit and vegetables, and then swallow vitamin C pills. The pills are only available if you can not get enough vitamin C for some reason.

What nutritional supplements are useful if you want to become pregnant?

There are some dietary supplements that can be very useful when you decide to become pregnant. Under this heading we will explain which nutritional supplements you can swallow better if you want to increase your fertility and get pregnant faster.

Folic acid :

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Folic acid is probably the best-known dietary supplement for women who can become pregnant. Folic acid, actually vitamin B11 is very good for the woman when she swallows these few weeks before and during pregnancy. Use folic acid approximately 4 weeks before pregnancy, and at least 10 weeks pregnant.

Folic acid significantly reduces the chance of your baby being born with an open backing; 50 to 70 percent. You must start swallowing folic acid before pregnancy, because it takes a while before your body has absorbed enough additional folic acid. Continue to swallow folic acid if you are not pregnant after that 4 weeks.

Folic acid also occurs in your food, mainly in green vegetables (broccoli, spinach, beans). However, this is not enough to reach the amount of 400 mcg needed to protect your baby adequately. Thus, soak up folic acid and the chance your baby will grow healthy in the world becomes a lot bigger!

The Nutrition Center is the authority in the Netherlands to provide consumers with scientifically substantiated information in the field of food. The Nutrition Center also recommends the use of folic acid when you are trying to get pregnant. On this page of The Nutrition Center you will find the advice of the Nutrition Center.

Vitamin D :

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Research has shown that the female body has a higher need for vitamin D during pregnancy. It is best to take 10 micrograms daily. Vitamin D plays an important role in the absorption of calcium, which is again important for the development of bones and teeth.

However, Vitamin D is also important for a well-functioning immune system. And you'll need that if you're pregnant; You want to be even better protected from potential pathogens. Your baby's immune system must also develop well; Vitamin D swallowing is therefore a good idea.

Multivitamins for pregnant women

There have now been developed special multivitamins for pregnant women. This is because only a shockingly low percentage of women meets the recommended daily amount of vegetables, fruit and fish. This is 5%, 10% and 17%, respectively. So they miss many important substances.

If you do not eat enough vegetables, fruit or fish, it is therefore advisable to swallow vitamin pills especially for pregnant women. These nutritional supplements contain both vitamin B11 (folic acid) and D, as well as other necessary minerals and vitamins to protect you and your baby well.

Which food supplements should I avoid?

It's great to know which food supplements you need to swallow, but there are also vitamins that you need to adapt to. Too many of these vitamins can be harmful to you or your unborn child in a way. Fortunately, these are very few, and getting a little of these vitamins is good again.

The most important vitamin to look out for is Vitamin A. Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin, which can cause certain birth defects in your unborn child during overdose. Vitamin A is mainly in liver products; but you can still eat one sandwich with a liver product without care every day.

Many multivitamins for pregnant women already take into account the effects of vitamin A. They therefore contain beta carotene. This is an antioxidant that also occurs in many vegetables. Beta carotene is converted into vitamin A in the body itself, and is therefore also called provitamin A.

This is much safer than swallowing vitamin A because the body never converts beta carotene into vitamin A than it needs. You will never get too much vitamin A with swallowing Progrin A, just what you need!


Also get enough fish oil :

It is recommended to eat fish twice a week, of which at least once a week fat fish. In this way you get enough Omega 3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are necessary for the development of, among other things, the brain and the eyes.

But here too many people fail to eat enough; 83% do not eat enough fish. If you are one of those people, you can swallow fish oil with Omega 3 fatty acids. Note that it's the Omega 3, and not the Omega 6 or 9 fatty acids that swallow you. Also, you do not need to swallow extra fish oil if you eat enough fish.

We hope that it is now clearer to you which nutritional supplements and vitamins are important when you want to become pregnant. Take our advice to heart and you get pregnant much sooner!

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